HDU (High Density Urethane) Signage

A Versatile and Strong Signage Material

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HDU (High Density Urethane)

A very dense, light weight, closed cell, and waterproof urethane foam. 
Great for exterior and interior signage.
Mounting options are available upon request.
Can be laminated with any of our metal laminates, as well as Acryseal (interior only).
HDU is available in 1/2″, 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/2″, and 2″ thicknesses at 15 lb. density.

HDU panel signs may have a Flat Route, Simulated Wood-Grain,

Simulated Oak Wood-Grain, Simulated Oak Barrel Wood-Grain,

Pebble Texture, or Simulated Cast Metal.

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Pebble Texture

Flat Routed

Molten Texture HDU

Molten Texture HDU

Simulated Wood-Grain (Vertical)


Sign Reflections Uses HDU
For All of the Following Products:

Routed Wood-Grain Signs

From a photograph of a wood grain, our router carves out the HDU material
to remarkably resemble a real wood-look.

Our signs look exactly like SANDBLASTED WOOD, but
do not warpdo not split and  do not crack as actual wood signs can.


Simulated Cast Metal Plaques

The elegant look of cast metal is now within reach with our economical Simulated Cast Metal Plaques.
The textured background gives a convincing appearance of sand cast metal
but at a much lower cost.
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Hotseal HDU


Hotseal is a great choice for exterior lettering.

Also, Hotseal letters or logos are the excellent option
for any dimensional depth up to 2 inches.

Hotseal is heat resistant and UV stable, and it does NOT warp.

Hotseal is an economical alternative to channel letters.

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V-Groove Routed

Our V-Groove Signs have a gloss auto finish to show off the angles of the cut.


V-Groove on Flat Routed Examples

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